Wednesday, October 17, 2007

National Action & Call-In Day for US Conservation

From the World Wildlife Fund:
The Senate is now debating the 2007 Farm Bill, the largest source of conservation funding in America. A vote is expected in the coming weeks. The House Farm Bill, passed in July, provided $4.5 billion in new conservation funding -- a step in the right direction. However, it left many critical conservation programs severely underfunded. At least $5 billion in new funding is needed to help meet demand and address some of our country’s most pressing environmental challenges.It is now up to the Senate to provide adequate funding for conservation programs. Supporting our farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners when they offer to help share the cost of a healthy environment provides more benefits to more farmers in more regions in the country than traditional crop subsidies, which are concentrated in the hands of a few. Send an email and/or call your senators asking them to support a Farm Bill that provides at least $5 billion in new funding for conservation programs.

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