Thursday, October 04, 2007

My Moon Follow-Up (Warning: May Be TMI Ahead!)

Since I am finishing up my second full cycle of using my Mooncup (and yes, if you do the math, I have VERY short cycles) I thought it appropriate to do a quick follow-up to tell you that I still love my Mooncup. Once you figure it out, it is so much easier than tampons.

I have found that I still like to use a pantyliner on my first day. I can't believe I am doing this, but I am going to make the switch to reusable pads. I like the plain white, organic cotton ones, but they also have fun print ones.

If you want to make the switch to reuseable menstrual products, GladRags has the mooncup on sale, plus get 20% off your order by using discount code MM0907

Thanks to my sister Kari for letting me know about the Mooncup sale and the discount code! (For anyone who knows us... I had the Mooncup first! I can't believe I did something environmentally friendly before she did! For those who don't know us... my sister is my environmental inspiration. It is because of her that I am even somewhat aware.)

And thanks to Karen over at Pediascribe who gave me the great idea of donating my excess tampon collection to a women's shelter.


Penny said...

That's great Kristen! I too would wear a panty liner for the first day. With the Mirena though I find I don't have to now.

Hooray for Mooncups!!

AnnieM said...

I would absolutely use a Mooncup! Back in high school I used Instead cups for a while. Now, I haven't had a period in nearly 2 years and haven't missed them for a minute.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

I bought a bunch of Lunapads for my dd. She hasn't had a chance to use them yet, but she's VERY excited to try them out (she's 13)

And, you're welcome for the idea for the tampons! :)

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

i'm glad it's working out for you. i plan to buy a divacup or some such thing once my cycle returns. :)