Monday, October 22, 2007

Lighting the Pumpkin

We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend and plan to carve the pumpkins next weekend. Can't wait for toasted pumpkin seeds! Yum! This is the first year we are carving the pumpkins with the kids. Previous years they have been too young, or we've been too busy and just never got around to it. I am looking forward to lighting the pumpkins up. I love that smell of the pumpkin semi-cooking from the candle inside. I am going to make a greener choice this year and put soy candles in our pumpkins.

Thanks to my friend Krista, I have known for years that soy candles burn cleaner, but since we haven't been burning many candles in our house lately (that toddler and open flames not mixing thing**) I have never purchased any soy candles. I did a little internet research on soy candles and learned a lot. Not only are paraffin candles a petroleum product, but the toxic chemicals that are released contain several known carcinogens. Yikes! Other advantages of soy candles are that they burn soot free, are biodegradable, and are water soluble (that means the wax is easier to clean up).

My soy candles are from Earth Friendly Goods. I purchased the votives for our pumpkins and a pillar soy candle to make the house smell good for the holidays. Thanks to Earth Friendly Goods for offering GreenStyleMom blog readers $5 off any order over $25 using coupon code greenstylemom.

**If you want the smell of candles but not the risk of an open flame, my friend Kim puts her candles on a warming plate. Her house smells wonderful every time I go over!


The Cole Mine said...

LOVE the info on soy candles...I didn't know that about paraffin candles. Yikes! is right! Thanks for the info Kristen!

Ornery's Wife said...

I knew that the paraffin candles were bad, and with my annoying hypersensitivity to fragrance, soy candles, which are almost always scented, are not in my scope either. I find that they are less aggravating to my scent-ses than paraffin, though.

I dropped by to say that I have a treat for you on my blog!
Happy Monday!

Penny said...

interesting! I shall look out for them.