Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cute Kid Speech

I rarely post cute things that Jack says, because he hasn't reached that point of funny reason yet. He does, however, say the cutest things just with his tone of voice, but that is difficult for me to describe in words. His sweet, high pitched voice asking me for something in a way that just melts my heart and makes me want to give in to his every desire. He also is still getting his pronouns wrong at times. I hope he never figures it out. I love to hear him running after me yelling, "Wait for I! Wait for I!"

Kate's speech has always been pretty clear. (Even when she was three months old!) She has two words that she consistently mispronounces. She says "pillow" like pell-o instead of pill-o, but I don't notice because I pronounce it the same way (so does my sister!). Kate also says "rack" for "wreck" as in car wreck. And when she says it in a sentence with "a" it, it sounds just like "Iraq" which sends me into giggles every time. "Mom, drive slow so we don't get in Iraq."

We are heading home to Colorado today. Hopefully it has warmed up, and all the snow has melted. Wish me luck on the plane handling two kiddos on my own.


Penny said...

lol! Have a good trip!

erin said...

i love these posts (they did it on Tales from the Crib) and they make me laugh every time. hearing what kids say is hilarious! you should do it more (or *I* should, as i'm constantly forgetting what funny thing my kids just said).....