Saturday, October 06, 2007

Book Stack

I love being away. Away from everything that needs to be done at home. Laundry (and there are piles of it right now!), bills, to do lists, organizing projects, craft projects, etc. The best part is that I can sit and read without guilt. But notice I did not say without interruption! I have a little stack of books by my bed in the mountains...

Eat, Pray, Love is the book my sister-in-law recommended to me in August. I started it as soon as I got it. Unfortunately I left it up in the mountains when we were here over Labor Day. I've been dying to get back to it. A great book that is not only entertaining but very thought provoking for me.

Why I Wake Early is a book of poetry that Matt's aunt gave me. I keep it up in the mountains because I never feel the calm at home to read poetry. My favorite piece in this collection is Where Does the Temple Begin, Where Does It End? Maybe I'll find time this weekend to write it out for my blog.

Bitchfest was a gift from another mom in my playgroup. It is an assortment of essays from the magazine Bitch (which I didn't know existed!). I'm really enjoying the book, even it is going to take me more than a year to finish!

We Need to Talk About Kevin is a book that my mom just sent me. She said it reminded her of my next door neighbor issue. Can't wait to start it.

What is in your book stack?

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Penny said...

I have a stack of library books beside my bed. :)