Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Birthday Present

How has a week gone by since my birthday?!? Only 51 weeks until my next one!

Matt did an awesome job on my birthday presents this year. He got me a Patagonia fleece hoody that I had been eyeing plus a Canon Rebel XTi. I know NOTHING about photography, but I am pretty excited to learn. I am planning to take a class through the local art museum this winter or next spring. Until then I'll probably just use the camera in automatic mode and occasionally fiddle with the settings.

I would also like to learn how to use Photoshop, but first I have to get it. With the price of the camera, I doubt Photoshop software is in my near future.

Here are a few of my practice pictures (Jack hasn't been in a photogenic mood this week)...


Angela said...

WTG Matt! You will love your camera. I have an older version of the digital rebel and have been extremely pleased with it. Didn't your camera come with a disc for Photoshop Elements? It is basically Photoshop, just without a few things.

Tiffany said...

What a little cutie!!

Penny said...

How fun!! The latest version of PSE is pretty good for most things :-) If you want to get something now it would be good. You can always try Photoshop proper later.

Marie Green said...

Beautiful pictures!

Also, I wouldn't buy the photoshop-it's like over $600. I've heard to start with Photoshop Elements which has basically everything you need and is only $80.

I actually only read a review of this, I don't actually use it. Just wanted to pass it along...

Here's the link:


Jen S. said...

Happy Belated BD! I hope you enjoy your camera as much as I have and if you have any questions, let me know...(when you get ready to take your class, check local colleges in the continuing education dep. for classes too)
I'm taking a class at SMU now that covers learning the camera, shot techniques, lighting, Photoshop (I may take a Photoshop class next semester), and lots more...it's taught by a local prof photog who's an SMU alum.
Def. start in auto mode...your next step will probably be to play with P mode. I'm learning about Tv and Av modes now and they're a bit challenging...save those for some formal instruction.
And I can make some lens suggestions if/when you want to upgrade or try different lenses. I got one that has zoom capability and I may get a faster lens for posed portrait-like shots.
And, I may be able to answer some Photoshop questions too.
Just let me know...it's so much fun!