Monday, October 29, 2007

More Bags

Remember when you didn't have to wear seat belts in the car? Remember when it started to become law and seemed like such a pain to buckle-up every time you went for a drive? Of course it was safer and better for you, but it was such a hassle. The funny thing is that now it is almost impossible to NOT put on my seat belt. It feels strange, and has become such an ingrained habit.

I am starting to feel the same way about my reusable shopping bags. It feels strange not to have them with me. I think it won't be long before using your own shopping bag is as a part of our life as seat belts. If you didn't hear it last spring, San Fransisco has already banned plastic bags in grocery stores and pharmacies. I just hope it doesn't take a law to make you start.
After converting to my own shopping bags, I have taken it a step further and started using these organic cotton mesh bags for my produce and bulk purchases. Outside of the environmental impact, it just feels cleaner and healthier to put my apples in these than in a plastic bag.
I purchased my mesh bags at a local natural foods store, but you can also get them at Use coupon code eccd87 (case sensitive) for 10% off your entire order, but hurry because they gave me that coupon code awhile back and it is only good through Oct 31st!


Ornery's Wife said...

I know what you mean about reusable bags! I am still not totally in the habit, but I do often leave the bag behind at the counter and just walk out with the items in my hand or purse if it is just a couple of things. People can be pretty belligerent about insisting you take a bag, though!

I always have them in my van, but when I shop with Ornery in the pick-up, I usually forget to bring them unless it is a planned shopping trip. I'm working on a plan to take glass jars for my bulk items. I do hate plastic!
PS Thanks for the menu plan, even if you aren't cooking much. I can rest easier now! :-)

Penny said...

Good idea... might make some of my own. How do the checkout chicks deal with it? They like to see what is inside it to idea the codes. Hmmm... maybe I could insert a mesh bit.

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

i feel naked on the rare occasion i get to the checkout and realize my bags are in the car.
those produce bags look great!

Emily the Great and Terrible said...

We have a bunch of cloth bags I bought at a thrift store. I try to tell myself that bought them used because it's better for the planet, but my cheapness has as much or more to do with it.

Have you ever used these at a chain store like Gap or Gymboree? They are SPEECHLESS.

Sara said...

Oh I might go to whole foods and try to get some. I have to pick up some grocery bags too. I never thought to use my own bag for other stuff besides groceries. so smart!!