Saturday, October 27, 2007

ABCs of Me

Penny tagged me for the meme ABCs of me. This was much harder than it looks. Almost as difficult as coming up with a show-and-tell item that starts with the letter of the week at Kate's preschool!

A – Alone is what I am right now – and I am not complaining!
B – Bowling. I’m a good bowler. Or was. I would like to take the kids someday soon.
C – Colorado is where I live now and hopefully forever
D – Dogs. Matt and I are both dog lovers, but we don’t have one right now. Someday.
E – Exercise. I don’t get enough of it.
F – Five feet nine inches is how tall I am
G – Garden. I love to garden. I have a small plot right now, but someday I would like to have a huge garden with raised beds.
H – Hiking is one of my favorite things to do, but we don’t do enough right now. The kids are at a funny in-between stage where the are too small to hike far on their own but are too big to be carried far (even in the backpack).
I – Introvert. I like people, but I really need to be alone to recharge. I think this is the toughest thing about being a mom for me.
J – Junk. I have too much of it. I’m always trying to get rid of it.
K – The first letter of my name
L – First letter of my middle name Lynne
M – Minnesota is the state where I went to college
N – Nebraska is the state where I was born
O – Oprah is my favorite TV show, and the only show I watch with any regularity (but I still only see it once or twice a week)
P – Pink is my favorite color
Q – Quilting. I love it. I’ve done a few but not for a long time. Maybe I’ll start again when I have grandchildren.
R – Radishes might be the only vegetable I don’t like.
S – Sweet Tooth. I have a really bad one and can’t control myself around sweets.
T – Texas is the state where I grew up
U – Unicycle. I actually used to own one. I bought it at a garage sale when I was about ten. I could even ride it pretty well. Wonder what happened to it…
V – Volvo is the kind of car I drive
W – Writing is not one of my fortes.
X – Reading X-Rays is what Matt does all day at work
Y – Yoga. I love to practice yoga, especially Bikram (aka hot yoga). Unfortunately my regular babysitter’s school schedule this semester doesn’t align with the yoga studio’s schedule. Hoping to start going regularly again after the first of the year.
Z – Zach is the name of the guy I was engaged to when I graduated college. It didn’t work out, and that is a good thing cause I really like the guy I’m married to now.

I am going to tag people where I don't think I've seen this yet (but only if you want to!)
Ashlee (have you done this??)

oh... and I'll write about me TV interview soon. It went well. It won't air until November.


Penny said...

LOL at Z! Thanks for playing along :)

Geggie said...

Fun! Thanks for sharing.

Shannon said...

Oprah is my favorite TV show too!
Thanks for tagging me!
Enjoyed your post!

Be Inspired Always said...

TV interview ? I'm new to your blog.