Thursday, September 20, 2007

Much Needed Alone Time

I'm an introvert. Not that I don't like to socialize, but I need time alone to reenergize. It can be difficult to find that time as a mom. With all these meetings and discussing issues with neighbors and friends, I have felt very drained and very in need of alone time. I finally got some alone time on Tuesday night when Matt let me go see a movie ALL BY MYSELF. I don't think I've ever seen a moving alone, and it was a wonderful experience.

Originally I wanted to see an artsy movie since I rarely watch movies anymore, mutch less artsy ones. I considered this, but I really needed something lite. I really want to see this one, but the times didn't work. (I might ask my babysitter to come over so I can go see it at a mantinee next week). I ended up seeing The Nanny Diaries. Just what I needed. Brainless and entertaining. The other major decision of the outing was what to eat during the movie. I couldn't decide so I got both popcorn AND Milkduds. It was good.

The next morning I got another hour on my own while the kids were in preschool. My coffee date cancelled on me, so I sat by myself and enjoyed a large, spicey hot chocolate. I did nothing but think. It was good. Next time I am going to try some sipping chocolate since Amy seemed to like it so much!

On other fronts, we have our mediation with the neighbor on Sunday afternoon and again on Monday morning. And we are going to look at another house tonight. This one has the potential to be very dreamy.

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Penny said...

I'd quite like to see Becoming Jane too. Did you ever see the Jane Eyre movie? I liked it!

LOL at choosing both foods - that sounds like an EXCELLENT decision.

I'm glad you got some alone time - there is a lot going on for you right now. {hugs}