Monday, September 24, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Gotta cook despite all the drama! Can anyone guess what I have an overabundance of in my garden right now?

Monday - Matt works late, dinner out at Jason's Deli

Tuesday - Eggplant Roll-ups

Wednesday - Salmon cakes with spinach salad (spinach from my fall crop!)

Thursday - Date night - Community Meal for Kids - No cooking!

Friday - Indian Spiced Eggplant (new recipe)

I'll try to post the other recipes later. For other menu ideas go see Org Junkie

Gotta get Kate off to preschool and Jack to the neighbors so I can go to more mediation. If I'm not to drained, I'll try to post about it later today.


tegdirb92 said...

That eggplant sounds delicious!! Have a great Monday. Great plan.

Sea said...

Ooh, great menu. I'm very curious about the eggplant rollups. I was excited about the eggplant too (I'm having an eggplant curry this week) until I saw cauliflower... tee hee, I'm a cauliflower lightweight. It really is a great week for eggplant though, mmm...

-sea (another MPM participant)

Penny said...

uh ... eggplant? I've never had much luck with growing them for some reason!

marybeth said...

um, can i come eat at your place....? yummy!!!