Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Greenfeet For Our Heads

The kids need new pillows. The ones we are using are gross. Not only are they old - I'm pretty sure they are older than my relationship with Matt - but the pillows have also been through all the known kid messes - pee, poop, blood and vomit. Nice, huh? Going through the wash a gazillion times in the last 2 years hasn't helped much either.

As in much of what I acquire now, I try to find the most environmentally appropriate choice that is still economical. Despite dust mites not being an issue in Colorado, used pillows are absolutely not an option. They must be new. I looked a bit and was pretty happy to find the Eco Basics pillow at the Greenfeet store. The fill is made of 100% recycled soda bottles and the cover is unbleached cotton (wish it were organic cotton!).

Before we use the new pillows, I am definitely getting waterproof, protective covers!

And don't worry... I won't save the old pillows for guests! *wink*

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1 comment:

Penny said...

ugh - we have somr grngy old pillows too. But what to do with them? What to do?