Saturday, September 01, 2007

Countdown to Raceday

One week and one day until my big race. I'm getting pretty excited. I ran the course with my moms' running group this morning. It felt good. I ran a slower pace than I would have liked, but those hills are tough. I'm not sure what to expect race day. I don't know if my pace will be faster because of the adrenaline or slower because of the crowds.

After the run, a rep from Susan G Komen for the Cure came to speak with us. Her name is Connie Smith, she is an 11yr breast cancer survivor, the winner of the 2006 national Suzy Komen award, and a very inspiring woman and mother. Her goal is to run every Race for the Cure event worldwide. She is expecting it to take at least 13 years. After listening to her speak this morning, I've been inspired to join her team and run the 25th anniversary Race for the Cure in Dallas in October. You can read more about Connie on her website Run 2 Infinity.

When speaking of her disease, Connie mentioned that before her diagnosis, she was ignoring or downplaying symptoms that she was experiencing. She has also inspired me to go have a long overdue physical and have a few things checked that I've been meaning to get checked. I recently found a spot on my breast that I don't think is a "lump", but I'm not certain it is NOT a lump. I'm calling to make my appointment first thing Tuesday morning.


Ashlee said...

good for you! i love that you are getting so into running. i need to spend more time with you and catch that bug myself.

BEST of luck in the race. i'm excited to hear how things go.

Penny said...

Good to get things checked out...

All the best for the race!