Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Big Day in Our Little Drama

The mom next door supposedly (as I never really know what to believe) has a custody hearing today. I've heard that the hearing is "on the phone" which seems odd to me, but I know nothing about law and custody battles. I had been hoping they would go to California for a few days and give us a bit of much needed respite.

Matt and I are almost ready to make an offer on a house we found. I really like the house and can see us living there forever, but it certainly is a 180 from where we are living now. We really need to sell our current home to make the numbers work. We are waiting for the results of this custody hearing and then plan to advertise our place as available (we have heard through the grapevine that somebody might be interested in buying our place).

I am having an internal struggle with what I want the outcome of today to be. I want to stay in my home, but that means wishing custody (full or partial) to this boy's father. Despite the mom's problems and the doubts of others, I still believe that the father is the root of this child's issues. I just can't find it in myself to wish harm (ie father's custody) upon this boy even if that means my problems would resolve and I could remain in my home. I've been trying to send "supervised visitation" thoughts out to the universe. If you want to send some also, I'd really appreciate it!

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Penny said...

Hmmm - keep us posted. I shall send out best outcomes for all involved vibes...