Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bad Habits Die Hard

Several months ago, after several months of considering it, I bought all new stainless steel water bottles for my family. And even though I think we should be outgrowing sippy cups, I also bought a few stainless steel sippy cups as our old, plastic cups are getting pretty old and starting to leak. The problem? We have been using the stainless steel water bottles and sippy cups, but we haven't stopped using the plastic water bottles and sippy cups. Why? I'm not sure. A big part it is that the old things are familiar and still there. It is just habit for me to pull out the different colored sippy cups, fill them up, and hand them to the kids without even thinking. It is like I forget we have the new stainless steel cups.

And why are the plastic options even still in my cupboard? I'm honestly having issues ridding myself of the old, plastice bottles and cups. A part of me keeps worrying that I will regret not having the old ones and want them back. I've thought about packing them up in a box and storing them just in case I want them back at some point, but then I think that I *shouldn't* want them back even if I do. (did you follow that?!?)

I'm also having issues about what to do with the bottles and cups if I decide to do something permanent. Do I give them to charity? But if I think they are unhealthy for my family, why is it okay to pass them to a less fortunate family? There probably aren't too many stainless steel sippy cups going to charities right now. Isn't a plastic cup better than no cup? And would this family even appreciate a stainless steel cup vs a plastic one? And what is my alternative? Throw them away to fill up a landfill?
So today I vow to put all of our plastic sippy cups in the donation basket.

I bought my Klean Kanteen sippy cups from Reusable Bags. They have the cups on sale right now plus I used coupon code mth6cp for an additional 20% off. There was limit on the coupon code, but it may still work!

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Penny said...

Those are cute! I have no advice.... My cupboard is full of old drink bottles.