Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Oceans Alive

Thought I’d share an email that my sister Kari sent me a few weeks ago…

“So I've been thinking a lot lately about...fish. I watched a documentary about tuna fishing techniques a few months ago and since then I've really stepped up my eco-guilt complexes about primarily tuna, and well, eating fish in general. I want to know more about how I'm impacting both my health and the environment when eating seafood. Anyway, I found this great website...
Oceans Alive

Unfortunately, I went on my Google-adventure hoping to convince myself that it would be okay for me to eat tuna again. Didn't happen. But, glad to know there are some better options out there.”

In light of Kari’s tuna guilt, I'm posting a recipe I found on Allrecipes that we tried for lunch yesterday. As for being a kid-friendly recipe - Kate wouldn’t try it at all, and Jack pretty much ate the bread around the mock tuna. But I thought it was really good as a sandwich filling (although I would never mistaken it for real tuna). I can't wait to make myself a "tuna" melt with the leftovers.

Here's the original Mock Tuna Recipe

I changed it around a bit. Chopped the chickpeas in the food processor and substituted half the mayo for non-fat plain yogurt. I also left out the green peppers since I did't have any.

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Penny said...

On one hand we have folks telling us to eat more oily fish for the Omega 3, and on the other we have the problem of over fishing.

Recipe sounds quite nice... tho' I can't quite imagine it reeeeeally tasting like tuna ;)