Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Preschool - Here We Come!

We had preschool orientation this morning. We biked there despite the looking-a-lot-like-rain weather. Kate attended a different preschool last year, and Jack has never attended preschool. I wasn't sure what their reactions would be to a new place. No reason to worry. They both loved the school's playroom and playground. Both kids got to meet their teachers, see their classrooms, and play with a few kids from their class. I chatted with many parents including a cool mom that I briefly met last year. Her son and Kate will be in the same class so I'm glad we'll have more excuses to talk (but she'll never compare to Ashlee *wink*).

Kate attends school 3 mornings/week, and Jack goes just once. At least once a week Kate will eat lunch at preschool. I am going to pack her lunch, so I wanted to get her a lunch bag that is reusable and, preferably, not plastic or princess. I also had concerns about lead given the lead in lunchboxes controversy from awhile back and the recent toy recalls due to lead paint. I already have splash mats that I love from Mimi the Sardine which uses environmentally friendly fabric for their products, so I was pretty sure I wanted lunch bags from them as well.

As I was doing a search for a coupon code for my purchase, I came across the site Nubius Organics (it actually looks really familiar to me, but I don't think I've ever purchased anything there). With the coupon code RHRD25 you get 20% off everything. The lunch bags (I had to get one for Jack also!) arrived today. Can't wait to use them!

The only problem remaining... what am I going to do with one morning a week on my own?!?

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Ashlee said...

glad you had a preschool orientation so the kiddos can have a place in their minds when it's time for their first day. and glad it looks like jack will jump right in!