Monday, August 13, 2007

Maine Trip - Part II: We keep busy with nothing to do!

We were in Maine with Matt's mom, her boyfriend, Matt's sister, her son (who is just 6 months younger than Jack), and her husband (our trip and his trip unfortunately only crossed over for about 24 hrs). The activities were pretty typical Maine island activities - sailing, swimming, exploring tide pools, picnicing, eating seafood, taking walks, etc. I did a few good trail runs.

Kate loved the ocean. She had no reservations of wading right into the water even if it was muddy or seaweedy. She was really surprised the first time she got ocean water in her mouth to discover that it was salty. Every few minutes she was in the water, she would reach down, scoop some water, touch her tongue to the water, and announce, "Yup! Still salty!"

Jack liked the water but was a little more hesitant. He did courageously get into the deep water with me to join his dad and sister on a swim platform, only to discover how cold the deeper water was. The whole swim over he kept saying, "Make it warmer, Mommy, make it warmer!


Penny said...

Ohhhh how I long for the warmer weather. Can you do that too? ;)

Tim often tells me to stop the rain or the wind.

Ashlee said...

Sounds fantastic--great pics, too!

Glad to know it's "still salty!" She's a trip.