Friday, August 10, 2007


Matt and I went to a fundraiser dinner the other night for an organization called Kids On Bikes. Lance Armstrong was the keynote speaker, and it was really fun to hear him speak although it was obvious that he was trying to morph his normal cancer speech into a speech about how important bikes are for kids. I wasn't much of a Tour de France fan until after I met Matt (okay, I knew NOTHING about the Tour before Matt), but after watching it for 7+ years I find it pretty exciting. And Lance is my favorite. Like any normal, wacko fan, I think that there is a *connection* between us because of all the places where our paths have (er, could have) crossed:

  • Lance is from Texas. I consider myself from Texas.
  • Lance grew up on the northern side of Dallas, like me.
  • Lance now lives in Austin where my husband lived and my mother-in-law and sister still live
  • Lance got his first bike from the same bike shop where I purchased my first mountain bike
  • I interviewed on the nursing unit in Indianapolis where he received his cancer treatment (should have, but didn't take the job. It was an evening supervisor position and I opted for the high paying insurance company job instead)
  • Lance graduated from the same high school that my kids would go to if we don't move in the next 10 years.
  • Matt's parents once won a ride with Lance for Matt at a silent auction. Matt never did the ride.

Of course, after looking at my list, I realize that I am just a wacko fan...

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Penny said...

I need to do some biking...