Saturday, August 25, 2007

Better Than the Perfect Picture

Although I am not, nor do I want to be, a "photographer," I do take a lot of pictures and would like to eventually be better. I am always trying to get a great shot of the kids that I can add to our ever growing picture wall.

Yesterday afternoon I took Kate and Jack for a quick walk out our back door (we are up in the mountains for a few days). Since it was a sponatenous trip, I never thought to grab my camera. Of course, there were perfect pictures everywhere I turned. Dipping toes in the stream, smelling wild flowers, walking through tall native grass, falling in fields of daisies. Perfect moment after perfect moment. Perfect lighting. Perfect subjects. I kept framing photos in my mind and lamenting that I didn't bring my camera.

Then Kate called to me to come play. I quickly let go of my thoughts of the perfect picture and ran through the long grass holding hands with my children. It was a good reminder that sometimes it is better to stop and smell the flowers with the kids rather than just photograph them doing the smelling.

(I just wish someone was taking pictures of us...)


Penny said...

Take "pictures" with your mind :-)

AmyBow said...

I always yell at my parents when they come visit that they spend more time photographing my little munchkin than enjoying her. I agree with your conclusion, as nice as it is to preserve memories, I think it is more important to be involved in making them.