Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I took the kids to our last art class at the local art museum. It has been a great session with lots of projects. The best part is that I don't have to clean up the mess afterwards! At the end of class, Kate threw a massive tantrum. I mean one for the books. The receptionist gave me the evil eye and told me that "there are other classes going on." What did she expect me to do?!? One child covered in paint that I'm trying to clean up, the other is flailing on the ground over a cupcake wrapper. Eventually I got us out the door (with Kate still screaming!) but it put me in a sour mood the rest of the morning.
The kids were both sick with high fevers over the weekend, so I put Jack down for an early nap and let Kate watch a video (Alice in "Wonderful" Land). Matt has a late meeting tonight which meant that when Jack woke up at 2pm, I was staring at 6 more hours to entertain two cranky kids. I decided we should go see a movie. I've only taken them to one other movie, and the kids were pretty excited at the prospect of another.
We popped some organic, bulk popcorn in my microwave popcorn popper. (Although it seemed a little counterintuitive to avoid the packaging waste of pre-packaged microwave popcorn only to put it in plastic zip-lock bags. Gotta figure that out for the future.) Sprinkled it with our favorite popcorn flavoring (Old Bay seasoning), packed some organic apple juice boxes (again not happy with the over-packaging), put it in the diaper bag, and set out for the theater.
Ratatouille seemed the only age-appropriate movie out right now, and although I really found it entertaining, it wasn't for 2 and 3 year olds. Both kids got bored and scared. After Kate complained to me the first half that she wanted to go home and Jack kept asking "Where's the rat?", we started to leave. Kate then started to cry that she DIDN'T want to leave, so rather than disturb the entire theater with our return, we sat on the aisle floor at the opening. It actually worked out well since both kids could lounge on me while watching.
And even after being home several hours, Jack is still asking me "Where is the rat?"

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